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    How to setup Bria Mobile for iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android


    Bria Mobile (by CounterPath Corp) is a VoIP SIP Client that becomes an extension to your company’s PBX and features a multitude of communication options, superior security and encryption and advanced audio codecs. Use it to take the place of your desk phone, or computer softphone. It comes in an iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android version. 

    The setup on your mobile device is very similar to setup on your Bria soft phone if you have used Bria as a soft phone on your PC or MAC in the past. 

    First, search for Bria on your iPhone/iPad (iOS) in the App Store, or on your Android in the Google Play Store.

    A full list of features and instructions may be found here.  If this link is broken, the Google search "Introduction to Bria Mobile".

    And if you are encountering audio issues after using Bria Mobile, then please refer to this article: https://support.press8.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041986773-Bria-Mobile-Audio-Trouble

    This is what the Bria for iPhone/iPad App looks like in the iOS App Store: bria_mobile_for_iphone.jpg

    This is what the Bria for Android looks like in the Google Play Store:bria_in_the_google_play_store.jpg


    Go to the Press8 Help Desk and add a ticket asking to have a new Bria Mobile extension created for a current user on your account.  Press8 Support will email you the following information:

    Username & Password.


    For iPhone installs, click here:  

    To install Bria Mobile on your Android device see below: 

    Once you open the installed APP, you will be requested for permissions:

    mceclip0.png      mceclip1.png

    Click on "SHOW".                                    "Allow"


    The application will be charged to your app store account in the amount of $1/mth or $10/yr.  You will be presented with this free trial screen:

    mceclip2.png      mceclip15.png       mceclip16.png

    Click "NEXT",                            then "NEXT" again,             and select which payment plan.



    mceclip3.png       mceclip4.png      mceclip17.png

    Click "SHOW" and select your preference, then "SHOW" for mic, then "Allow" to record audio.

    You will then be asked to participate in the CounterPath Product Improvement Program. 

    mceclip5.png    mceclip6.png   mceclip7.png

    then "DECLINE" or "ACCEPT",       "IMPORT" or "NO, THANKS"        if "IMPORT", then "Allow" for photos, etc.


    You will now be prompted to setup your Press8 telephone account.

    mceclip8.png   mceclip9.png   mceclip18.png

    Press "+" and then scroll down to "Press8 Telecom" and select.  Account Details will appear and enter the specific details received from Press8 support and enter as follows:

    Display as:  enter your full name

    Username:  Given by Press8, a 7 digit number

    Password:  Given by Press8

    Then select the check mark in the upper right corner to save your settings.  


    Bria Mobile offers a Push Service which allows the App to sleep until woken up by an inbound call or selecting the use of the app on your phone.  This greatly reduces battery drain.  When offered to accept this service, click on "I AGREE".

    mceclip10.png    mceclip12.png     mceclip13.png

    Click "I AGREE"                         Then "SHOW"                    then "ALLOW" (Bria will turn itself off)


    You have completed the setup.  Your Bria Mobile App is now ready to be used on your Android softphone.  



    To install Bria mobile on your iPhone/iPad (iOS) device:

     mceclip0.png       mceclip2.png       mceclip3.png

     tap "NEXT" and select your payment plan and process the payment, then tap "OK to allow access to your contacts.

    After accepting access to contacts, page through the screens of app improvements.  You will then be asked for more permissions.


    mceclip4.png       mceclip5.png      mceclip6.png

     Click "OK",                                   Click "OK"                                Click "Allow"

    You will then be asked to participate in the CounterPath Product Improvement Program.

    mceclip7.png    mceclip8.png    mceclip9.png

    Either selection is fine.     Scroll down to find and tap Press8 Telecom.  Enter the following data on this Account setup page:

    Display as - Enter your full name

    Username - given to you by Press8 (7 digit number)

    Password - given to you by Press8

    You will then be offered to Disable the Improve Reachability feature which you want to Disable.


    mceclip0.png     mceclip1.png    mceclip2.png

    Tap "Disable"                             Tap "OK"  You should then see that "Use Push..." and "NAT Emulation" are enabled, and if not, please enable them.


    mceclip3.png         mceclip5.png

    Tap "Yes" and you are finished.  Tap on the lower left keypad grid to see you dialing pad.







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