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    How do I add a Page Group?


    Page groups allow more than one destination to be called at once. All destinations that answer are put into a conference, and can hear the caller. This differs from hunt groups, where only one destination can answer.

    To add a new page group:

    1. Log in to the Press8 web interface.
    2. If you wish to record calls to this page group, make a record group.
    3. Go to Features » Page groups.
    4. Click the "New" button.
    5. Enter the following:
      • A name for the page group.
      • Optionally a description.
      • Whether to ask SIP telephones to auto-answer. Please note that not all telephone models support this. Any that don't will ring as normal.
      • Whether to play a beep to the caller when the caller is placed in the conference.
      • Whether destinations may talk. If set to yes, everyone in the conference may hear them.
      • The record group if you have any. 
    1. Click the "Save" button.
    2. Click the "Add a destination" link.
    3. Choose the destination.
    4. Click the "Save" button.
    5. Repeat for other destinations as desired.
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