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    What is a Soft Phone?


    A softphone is a software that runs on your computer that allows you to take/receive calls as if you were using a VoIP phone. Prices range from free to $50/annually (approximately) depending on the features.

    With a softphone, you will need a headset that can plug into your computer. Most computers have a USB connection therefore you will need a headset with a USB connection.

    Where to get a Headset to Use with Your Soft Phone

    You can purchase your headset from our Support Department or you can purchase it anywhere electronics are sold.

    Where to Get a SoftPhone

    We recommend softphones from Counterpath. Bria Solo is the most popular. 

    How do I configure my softphone?

    For information on how to configure Bria Solo to work with your Press8 phone system, visit our Knowledgebase article: https://press8.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/204530620/en-us?brand_id=139944

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