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    How do I configure the Counterpath Solo or Bria Softphone for Windows or Mac?


    Please note that the Solo free version does not allow the transfer of calls through the application.  Calls may thereby be transferred by dialing #0 .



    What is Softphone?

    Bria is a type of softphone (software telephone) created by a company called Counterpath that can be loaded on your computer, tablet or smartphone so that you can make/take calls using your Press8 Telecom account and any internet connection including Wi-Fi.

    • To see all the ways you can use and purchase Bria go here: http://www.counterpath.com/softphone-products.html.  
    • The free Solo softphone download is located here: http://www.counterpahttps://www.counterpath.com/plan-select-solo/.  You are required to register for a Bria Solo subscription for the 30 day trial.  After the 30 day trial, your account automatically downgrades to Bria Solo Free – a similar experience to X-Lite with limited features.
    • A comparison of the Counterpath softphone features are here: https://www.counterpath.com/product-comparison  The most significant feature missing from X-Lite is the ability to transfer calls.  Pressing #0 may be used to transfer calls.
    • X-Lite only allows a single SIP registration, has only one codec (g711), does not have presence monitoring (to see the hook status of other phones on your system) and does not come with any technical support from Counterpath. 

    While this softphone does not have any special requirements over other devices, the instructions provided below are specifically for X-Lite and Bria installed on a computer but can be used for any of the Bria Apps including the iPhone App, Android App, iPad App, etc.


    Bria 5: https://www.counterpath.com/bria/

    Solo: https://support.counterpath.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038336693-Solo-User-Guides



    1. Purchase and download Bria, or download Solo for Windows or Mac. Go to https://www.counterpath.com/plan-select-teams/
    2. Go to the Press8 Help Desk and add a ticket asking to have a new Bria extension created for a current user on your account. 
    3. Press8 Support will email you the following information:  Username and Password

    First install the program. Bria will ask you for information and instead of inputting it there click the dropdown and choose: "Manually Input My Information" and click next.

    • Input your software key (if prompted).
    • Navigate to: Account Settings 
    • image_for_setting_up_Bria_5_Account_on_Windows.gif
    • Account Name - Anything you want. Choose a distinctive name for this account.
    • User ID - The 7-digit extension number provided by Press8 support.
    • Domain - sip.press8.com
    • Password - The password provided by Press8 support.
    • Display Name - Optional.  This name is presented to other extensions on your system
    • Authorized user name - leave blank
    • Leave checked "Register with domain and receive calls"
    • Select "Domain" for Sent outbound via
    • Click on the Voicemail tab, and enter the following:
      • Enable "Check for voicemail"
      • Number to dial for checking voicemail - *1
    • Click on the Advanced tab, and enter the following:
      • Re-register every - 300 seconds
      • Enable "Force outbound proxy on all requests" (required for Bria presence monitoring)
    • Done! Press OK, and return the the main Solo or Bria phone image. The phone status should indicate it is ready with the Green handset icon, at which time you can start placing and receiving telephone calls. 

    Bria Presence Monitoring (or Busy Lamp Field activation)

    1. Enable presence monitoring by selecting from the Softphone tab "Account Settings", then select the SIP account with the domain that other telephones are registered to.  Under the Account tab, select IM/Presence, put a check in the box next to it. 
    2. Go to the Presence tab and select the dropdown "Presence agent".
    3. Now create a contact group where you will assign all of the extensions that you want to monitor presence.  Go to the Contacts tab, then "New Group".  Name the group something like "Presence Group".


    • For contacts that you assign to this group, you must enter a telephone number in the following SIP URI format: <telephone line number>@sip.press8.com.  The 7 digit telephone line number can be found at the web portal:  https://manage.press8.comThen go to Features=>Telephone Lines.  For example, a contact SIP URI address would look something like this:  "1234567@sip.press8.com".  


    • In Bria or Solo, go to the 'Contacts' Tab and choose 'Add a contact'. Choose the group you want the contact to be in (here we used the group 'Work'). Then put in their information and click 'OK'. 




    Note:  The softphone is best suited with a USB headset.  You can get a USB headset anywhere by Google search of "USB telephone headset".

    What the Bria 5 Dialer Looks Like in Windows or Mac After Setup is Complete


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