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    How can I forward calls to a particular phone number to another number temporarily?


    If you are not able to get to work and are working for home or on the road, you may want to temporarily forward your phone number to your cell phone. This is very easy to do.

    *** You must be the Admin on your account to do this. If you are not Admin, contact your Admin and ask them to do it. ***

    Here are the steps:

    1. First login to your control panel at: https://manage.press8.com. 
    2. Go to Features=>Numbers
    3. Find the Number and click on it
    4. Scroll down the page to 'Temporary Routing' (sub-title on the left)
    5. Change Destination from 'Normal' to 'Specific Number'
    6. Below that input the number you want to forward to without any dashes or spaces and including the area code.
    7. Click 'Save'

    Be sure and test this once you have saved it to be sure it is working. 

    Also, be sure and TURN IT OFF when you are back in the office so it will go back to ringing your office phone. To turn it off go through the same steps but in Step 5., change it back to 'Normal' and then click Save.

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