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    How do I setup a speed dial on my Polycom phone?


    Speed dials may be setup through the Press8 Telecom Control Panel.

    Navigate to Features=>Telephone Lines and select the telephone line (extension) that you would like to add a speed dial to.

    Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on Speed Dials.

    Click on 'New', then enter the Speed Dial Number (if you want to change the default).

    Enter a description, which will show up as the label for the contact.

    Enter the destination which is either the extension number or 10 digit telephone number.  No dashes or spaces please.

    Leave the 'button on telephone' set to none.

    If this is a speed dial that should appear on all the other Polycom phones, then select 'shared' for 'share with other lines and telephones', otherwise leave as 'private'.

    On the line 'Force caller name...', enter the text of how you would like the caller ID name to be displayed when this contact calls.

    Press save.  Each phone will need to be rebooted for this change to be loaded to the phones.

    Rebooting may be accomplished by unplugging the power to your phone and plugging it back in.

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