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    Bria Mobile Audio Tuning


    If you are experiencing choppy voice while using the Bria Mobile APP outside of a Wifi environment, then please make the following setting change within the Settings are of the APP.

    1.  If you have a choice between joining a 5G or 2.4G network, then please chose the 2.4G network.  Though technically slower, the 2.4G network will have more consistent data flow since a 2.4G network has a larger coverage area and penetrates walls better than 5G.

    2.  Go to Settings/Advance Settings/Audio Codec Selections/Mobile Audio Codecs.

    Please make the following codec selections for both WiFi and Mobile connections.  After dragging and checking the codec selections, your screens should look like this:

      2020-11-04_002.jpg               2020-11-04_003.jpg


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