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    Press8 Users Guide


    Version 3.15

    Features (Click One)

    Accessing Messages on the Web
    Accessing Messages via Telephone
    How to Park a Call and Pick it Up
    How to Forward to an External Extension


    You can access your messages via the web or telephone.

    To access your messages on the web interface

    1. Log in to the Press8 web interface. (https://manage.press8.com)
    2 Go to the Messages menu.

    • By default, all messages are shown. If you only wish to see a certain type, click on the appropriate menu option.
    • If you have access to more than one mailbox, you will be asked to choose which.

    3. Select the search and sort options for the messages you wish to see.
    4. Click the "Update" button.
    5. To download a message, click on it.
    6. To delete, copy, or move messages, select the boxes beside the messages and click the appropriate button at the bottom.


    To access your messages via telephone

    1. Dial the voicemail access feature code (*1 by default). If your telephone forwards to a mailbox you will be logged in automatically. If not, you will be asked for a mailbox and password.

    2. Alternatively, dial the voicemail login feature code, and you will always be asked for a mailbox and password.
    Follow the prompts to navigate the menus.

    Menu structure

    1: Listen to voicemail messages
    3: Advanced options
    1: Reply
    3: Envelope
    4: Play the previous message
    5: Repeat current message
    6: Play the next message
    7: Delete current message
    8: Forward message to another mailbox
    9: Save message in a folder
    *: Help; rewind during message playback
    #: Exit; skip forward during message playback
    2: Change folders
    A menu is then played of existing folders
    #: Exit
    3: Advanced options
    5: Leave a message
    *: Return to the main menu
    0: Mailbox options
    1: Record your unavailable greeting
    2: Record your busy greeting
    3: Record your name
    4: Record your temporary greeting
    5: Change your password
    *: Return to the main menu
    *: Help
    #: Exit


    How to Park a Call and Pick it Up

    1. Answer an inbound call.
    2. After talking to the caller, press #.
    3. You will hear "Transfer".
    4. Press the park code. By default, this is *7. Your administrator will tell you if this has been changed.
    5. Wait for 2 seconds.
    6. You will hear a park number, such as 701.
    7. Hang up.
    8. Call the park number from another telephone.

    Note that only inbound calls can be parked. Outbound calls cannot, to allow pressing # to work with external IVRs.


    Forwarding to an external extension

    Many features allow you to forward to an external number using the "External number" entry box on the destination selector. You can play DTMF to the destination if this is required to specify a particular extension. For example, to dial "2125551234" and play DTMF "123" when answered, enter "2125551234x123" in the external number entry box. Anything after the "x" is taken to be DTMF to play.

    You may need to delay the DTMF depending on the menu the far end plays. You can do this by adding a "w" to the string specified. Each "w" creates a delay of 0.5 seconds. You may specify as many of these as you wish. For example, "2125551234xwwww1w123" will dial 2125551234, then when answered waits 2 seconds, plays a 1, waits another 0.5 seconds, plays 123, then connects the caller. Some experimentation may be required to find the correct combination of DTMF and waiting.


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