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    Getting Started with Press8 Embedded Dialer for Microsoft Teams


    Press8’s embedded dialer with Press8 phone service powers a synchronistic experience in Microsoft Teams. End customers utilize a variety of communications applications. Rather than managing multiple voice services to serve end customers where they are, IT admins can add their Press8 phone service natively into the Microsoft Teams experience using Press8's embedded dialer, removing the need to replicate settings or train on a new service. Additionally, the integration leverages enterprise-grade encryption with built-in security features, providing greater protection to communications.


    In addition to a Press8 account, each user will need a Microsoft 365 E5, E3, or E1 license with the Microsoft Phone System add-on or a Business Premium, Standard, Basic license, and a Common Area Phone license (also called Microsoft 365 Business Voice) to set up the integration.

    NOTE: Make sure you don’t have the Domestic Calling Plan license assigned to any users using the integration. Also, make sure to set the upgrade settings to teams only in Microsoft Teams. For instructions on how to set upgrade options, click here.

    Administrators can view all licenses from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center > Users > Active Users. For instruction on how to assign licenses in Microsoft Office 365, click here.


    Registering users

    To register a new user in Call2Teams, you will need the user’s phone number, SIP username, authorization name, and authorization password from Press8 Support.

    Click Users > Add User > enter the required information > Add. Click the Sync Now > Save.

    NOTE: One user can take 5-15 minutes to register, and the more users you add, the longer to sync.

    Making and receiving calls

    Make and receive calls directly from Microsoft Teams using your Press8 phone number.

    Making an outbound call

    Click Calls on the left to call a contact or return a call. To use the dialer press Phone App and enter the phone number or extension using the dial pad.

    Answering an inbound call

    When receiving an inbound call, a call pop will display at the bottom right, with the options to Answer or Decline.

    Transferring a call

    While on an active call, click the ellipsis >  Transfer > enter the phone number or extension > Transfer.




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