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    Getting started with Press8 PBX and Microsoft Teams Integration


    Press8 Teams integration brings your Press8 Business Phone Service and settings into Microsoft® Teams, giving you the amazing support and reliability of Press8 while you enjoy the familiar experience of Teams.


    • A user/login to your Office 365 account with Global Admin rights.
    • One or two unassigned Office 365 user licenses such as Business Basic/Premium or E1/E3/E5, for a few hours during the initial setup.
    • Using a modern compatible web browser.

    Administrators can view all licenses from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center > Users > Active Users. For instruction on how to assign licenses in Microsoft Office 365, click here.

    >>Click here for a video of the steps below

    Registering and syncing Call2Teams

    Contact Press8 support to register and set up a Call2Teams account. To contact Press8’s amazing support team, click here.

    Once Press8 support has created your Call2Teams account, an email will be sent to your administrator with login information. At that point, your administrator can sync Call2Teams from www.call2teams.com > Services > Teams. Check the Sync Now box to sync with Microsoft Office 365 and log in using your Microsoft Office 365 account login information.

    NOTE: The initial sync may take up to 48 hours to complete. If it takes longer than 48 hours, contact Press8 support.

    Registering users

    To register a new user in Call2Teams, you will need the user’s phone number, SIP username, authorization name, and authorization password from your Press8 account.  Below is an example of user information you will need. You can get this information from Press8 support



    Click Users > Add User > Enter the required information > Add. Click the Sync Now > Save.

    NOTE: One user can take 5-15 minutes to register, and the more users you add, the longer to sync.



    Making and receiving calls

    Make and receive calls directly from Microsoft Teams using your Press8 phone number.

    Making an outbound call

    Click Calls on the left and enter the phone number or extension using the dial pad at the bottom of the screen.

    Answering an inbound call

    When receiving an inbound call, a call pop will display at the bottom right, with the options to Answer or Decline.

    Transferring a call

    While on an active call, click the ellipsis > Transfer > enter the phone number or extension > Transfer.


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