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    Yealink Headset Troubleshooting WH-6x Series


    If you are having issues with your Yealink wireless headset, then please try the following:

    1.  Perform a factory reset on the headset base by holding down the Phone and PC keys simultaneously (the right and left keys of the 3) for at least 6 seconds.  You should hear in the headset earpiece "Factory Reset".

    2.  Update the firmware to the Headset assembly.  Install the Yealink USB Connect software here:  http://support.yealink.com/documentFront/forwardToDocumentDetailPage?documentId=323 and click on the "Firmware" tab to select the version for PC or Mac.

    Once installed, open this application and you will be presented with a login option which you can skip.  If the headset is connected to your laptop, then you will see the headset section there offering to update firmware.  Clicking on the link will either get the newer firmware or indicate that you have the latest.

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